The 5 Step Method Our Successful Clients Use To Get UNSTUCK and Back On Track
So They Thrive In All Areas Of Life
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KEY #1
How to Develop A Deeper and Richer Relationship With God.
Key #2
Unwrap the Gift You Were Created To Be - With A Personal Coach
Key #3
Live Your Purpose, On Purpose and With Great Success
Welcome To Your Purpose
You Will Discover...
Prosper in my Purpose

Lisa van den Berg
Prosperous Purpose Coach

  •  Learn the 5 proven steps that help you to LIVE like Jesus, MATTER like Jesus and IMPACT like Jesus
  •  Why spending countless hours on self-improvement and trying to be a ‘super-Christian’ is the wrong strategy to follow (there’s a much easier way)
  • ​How knowing the unique gifting you bring to the world will help you to live out a calling and life you love
  • ​How to impact the world in the way that only you can - and love doing it
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