The 5 Step Method Our Successful Clients Use To Align With God's Prosperous Purpose
So They Thrive In All Areas Of Life
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KEY #1
How to Develop A Deeper and Richer Relationship With God.
Key #2
Unwrap the Gift You Were Created To Be - With A Personal Coach
Key #3
Live Your Purpose, On Purpose and With Great Success
Welcome To Your Purpose
You Will Discover...
Prosper in my Purpose

Lisa van den Berg
Prosperous Purpose Coach

  •  Learn the 5 proven steps that help you to LIVE like Jesus, MATTER like Jesus and IMPACT like Jesus
  •  The secret to stop begging and pleading for God to show you what you are supposed to do and get daily guidance instead
  • ​How knowing the unique gifting you bring to the world will help you to live out a calling and life you love
  • ​How fasting and praying for hours and trying really hard are NOT the best way to discover your purpose
  •  AND how to do ALL of this while  developing a deeper relationship with God, unwrapping the gift of YOU and loving your life as you live ON PURPOSE.

What They're Saying...

You gave me exactly what I needed to launch... We now have 2 schools and have grown to a national level. Not only did it save my school, it also saved jobs for teachers and staff 
I’ve invested over $25,000 in coaching over the years and no one has ever championed me in not only all of my visible gifts, but in who I am and was created to be with God!!! 

I barely recognized my voice at the time and had gotten lost amongst all those who could speak louder and with more confidence. From the first conversation I had with her I left feeling empowered with the very tools needed to face life.
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