Hi, I'm Lisa

Welcome to the rest (and best) of your life...

I coach people who are hungry to learn how to discover, unpack and step into their God-given purpose. 

You are being invited to fall more in love with  Father God, unwrap the astounding gift of your life and learn how to walk out the purpose He created you for, each and every day.

The world needs the gift of you - let's go!  

Watch yourself come alive to possibility...

How lives are changing...

I’ve invested over $25,000 in coaching over the years and no one has ever championed me in not only all of my visible gifts, but in who I am and was created to be with God!!! 

You gave me exactly what I needed to launch... We now have 2 schools and have grown to a national level. Not only did it save my school, it also saved jobs for 
teachers and staff.


Through working with Lisa, I reconnected with how much Jesus truly loves and cares for me...This has brought a peace and confidence to the decisions I take that I honestly hadn't experienced before. 

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