Have you tried everything you know to do 
but you’re still struggling to get breakthrough? 

If you’re tired of trying to figure life out on your own . . . If you feel like you can’t hear from God about which direction to go . . . If you want to learn how to hear His voice more clearly. . . If you're interested in a deep relationship with the One who loves to do life with you . . .

I’ve known that frustration all too well. The Bible says that we can hear God’s voice, but it seems so difficult! Am I hearing Him, or my own thoughts or the devil or did I simply have too much pizza last night? Argh!

Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN hear God! All it takes is realigning your beliefs with the Truth of the Word and learning some practical ways to help you stay connected to HIm. 

Spiritual mentoring with me, will:
* help you to recognize how and when God is guiding you
* fill you with confidence that God wants to talk to you
* equip you with tools to say on track with His leading 

 I’m here to mentor you beyond your limiting beliefs, equip you to hear from God for yourself and cheer you onas we go on this journey together.
Let's journey together
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